Biola Chiller Plant

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Educational Facilities

Fullmer Construction completed renovations on a chiller plant for Biola University in La Mirada. The design build on the 1,280 square foot building was completed while school was in session and the plant simultaneously operational. Fullmer worked around this complication to finish tenant improvements including the addition of three new chiller towers to the 30 year existing plant, bringing the total towers to twelve. Fullmer also added two new chilling units, further improving the output of the installation.

The plant, powered by three Caterpillar engines, creates about 90% of the energy for Biola University spread over 800,000 square feet of building space. It was crucial that the new towers be near completely level (no more than a ¼ inch off) with the existing towers in order for the piping to align properly. Fullmer also worked to match the new exterior walls to the existing structure’s paint and brickwork, despite the discontinuance of the older brick.

The renovations and new equipment construction in this unique building challenge were finished in three months.