Color Story

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A new tilt-up warehouse for garment company Color Story finished in the highly industrial city of Vernon.  The Los Angeles based company affiliated with M-Textile Corporation will use the building as a distribution center.  The concrete warehouse contains additional office space totaling 84,408 square feet, and space for 12 trailers.

Fullmer displayed their expertise in dealing with construction complications when the site contained acid leached clay.  The hazardous material made the ground unstable with no load bearing capacity, preventing construction of a building.  The previous occupants of the land operated a company manufacturing chemicals for the oil drilling industry that soaked the ground below.

To prevent the expensive export of existing dirt, Fullmer dug 8 feet deep and spread the hazardous material to dry.  Once dry Fullmer mixed existing soil on the land and reused the combined material.  The project also required a 60-foot single slide gate.  Two parallel wheels below ensure stability during operation of the long gate.