Sysco Distribution Facility

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Cooler and Freezer Storage

Fullmer completed construction on the Sysco Distribution Facility, viewable from the 215 freeway in Riverside. The design/build facility allowed Fullmer to work side by side with Sysco to develop a project that met Sysco’s unique building requirements while simultaneously working with the March Joint Powers Association.

The completed facility stands at 461,641 square feet on 45 acres with a site boasting of concrete service roads and truck yards; LNG, Hydrogen and diesel fueling systems; a satellite vehicle maintenance facility and a key location near the 215 and 60 freeway interchange.

Inside the facility is over 63,000 square feet of office space as well as a custom designed kitchen and food presentation rooms.

The building also boasts a state of the art product picking system, shrinkage compensating monolithic traprock concrete floor slab, advanced hydrogen technology for fork lift fueling as well as a hydrogen production facility.