Thomas Ranch

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Fullmer completed infrastructure work in Thomas Ranch for a 288-unit apartment complex in Corona.  Fullmer started mass grading of 38 acres before burying a 60-inch pipe storm drain, and half a mile of reclaimed water main. The new water system will feed standard yellow hydrants and purple reclaimed water hydrants along Palisades Drive.

Fullmer also buried the entire section of Edison power lines below ground, improving the visual aesthetics of the new apartments. A new natural gas line and three inches of asphalt leading to new streetlights at the Palisades Drive and Serfas Club Drive intersection finished before MBK Homes started construction.

The entire site was previously unusable following the dumping of oil in the 1940’s, leaving pools of waste from petroleum refining operations. After cleanup, it can now house the apartments and become a completely usable site for any further construction in the future.