The safety and health of employees and the environment is not merely a set of standards to Fullmer Construction, it is our number one priority. The company strives to prove to every project, customer and community that it is responsible and responsive. To Fullmer this means helping to protect the environment, people, employees and places where we work and live. Below is a brief description of our safety measures. A full safety program write up is available upon request.


Fullmer complies with all safety and health standards that are enforced by local, state and federal authorities. Taking these standards and expanding them, Fullmer provides engineering and administrative controls, personal protective equipment and training to employees to abate and reduce exposure to hazards and prevent injury and illness.


In order to make sure that all employees are trained and prepared for their safety, Fullmer has thorough safety training standards. Each employee initially attends a four hour orientation and then continues with on-site training as needed. In-office safety meetings are held semi-annually and on-site meetings are held weekly for field personnel.


Fullmer takes the initiative through site investigation to foresee any potential environmental hazards and implements a management plan to mitigate exposure.  The project management team at Fullmer is committed to continuously identifying environmental issues and community concerns to determine how the project will address or respond to all of these concerns.