Fullmer has developed a strong resume for infrastructure needs. A branch of the company that started as a service for clients when they needed street work, storm drains, irrigation, phone lines or sewer work done, Fullmer had so much success with the projects that the company has now completed projects that were solely infrastructure work. Whether your development in planning has some infrastructure needs or you have a large infrastructure project, Fullmer is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Infrastructure Featured Project

In the City of San Clemente, Fullmer was awarded the opportunity to complete a large infrastructure project for the city. The project included street work, medians, traffic signals, sewer and water drain work, rough grading and monumentation.

On a regular basis, Fullmer has found creative ways to resolve unexpected problems in the field and improve the end result, even saving money in the process. Their most valuable asset is the trust they have earned with me through their excellent work product and regular communications.

-Susan D. Neff, Esq., Senior Surety Counsel, Arch Insurance Company

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Infrastructure Sample Projects

Fullmer completed a unique project in San Bernardino, CA. Located just off the 215 freeway, the project consisted primarily of constructing a specialized concrete wall and Verdura retaining wall system for Smucker’s regional distribution facility.

Complete site improvements began with widening the shipping & receiving drive by 15 feet, enhancing the capacity of semi traffic able to be accommodated at one time. The drive leads down to the guard shack, which was relocated and given new electronics for the gate control system. Situated beyond the guard shack is the employee parking lot, which was expanded by 20 feet and redone with pervious pavement, allowing any built-up rain water to soak in and drain instead of running through the lot. The two walls sit next to this lot, built to separate the overlooking drive and landscape bank from the lot below.

The specialized concrete wall is a zero cut soldier pile wall, constructed without digging into the bank behind it. A 5 foot water line under 200 pounds of pressure sits behind it at its base, located 10 feet back from the wall. The Verdura retaining wall system is situated directly next to the concrete wall, adding an aesthetic appeal to the lot and built with concrete blocks and fabric extending 20 feet into the compacted road behind it.

Other improvements included fresh landscaping around much of the site, ADA parking and ramp leading from the street to the parking lot, as well as converting a previous truck court entrance to a new section of screen wall.

Finally, Fullmer removed 68 feet of sidewalk with no charge to the client when the drive approach became too narrow for incoming truck traffic; this enabled truck access to remain accessible during the entirety of the project. A departure from the projects we typically work on, we relished the opportunity to be a part of this unique job, and are extremely satisfied with the finished product. 

Fullmer Construction completed a two-story parking structure next to SEC Euclid, the three-story medical office building completed in 2014. The structure boasts architectural features that were added to make it blend in with the surrounding art deco-style buildings of downtown Ontario. Located near the corner of Euclid and Holt Boulevard in Ontario, its size is 58,024 square feet in total: 29,513 square feet on the first level, and 28,511 square feet on the second. With 177 stalls, Fullmer has provided the occupants of SEC Euclid a more convenient parking experience.

The project took 6 months to build.

Fullmer completed infrastructure work in Thomas Ranch for a 288-unit apartment complex in Corona.  Fullmer started mass grading of 38 acres before burying a 60-inch pipe storm drain, and half a mile of reclaimed water main. The new water system will feed standard yellow hydrants and purple reclaimed water hydrants along Palisades Drive.

Fullmer also buried the entire section of Edison power lines below ground, improving the visual aesthetics of the new apartments. A new natural gas line and three inches of asphalt leading to new streetlights at the Palisades Drive and Serfas Club Drive intersection finished before MBK Homes started construction.

The entire site was previously unusable following the dumping of oil in the 1940’s, leaving pools of waste from petroleum refining operations. After cleanup, it can now house the apartments and become a completely usable site for any further construction in the future.

In Ontario, between Haven and Milliken Avenues on Francis Ave., Fullmer completed an almost ½ mile long infrastructure project. The project included all underground piping for storm drains, sewage, potable and non-potable water; laterals for telephone; and infrastructure for electrical power, street lights and traffic signals. The project presented a few challenges that Fullmer felt uniquely prepared to meet, including the use of a low-profile wider piper, connections to existing pipes including a smooth transition with short down time and no outages and boring under existing train tracks. The entire project was completed during the tilt-up of commercial buildings, highlighting Fullmer’s capacity to schedule and organize the infrastructure and building needs.