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Fullmer’s Pre-Construction Services are extensive and free of charge for every negotiated job. Furthermore, whether design-build or just using Fullmer as the general contractor, Fullmer’s Construction Services are complete and offer clients everything from ground breaking to close-out documents.

Preconstruction Services


Fullmer takes conceptual plans developed by the Owner and Architect to create an extremely accurate and workable budget, laying out specific numbers for Owner so that they can develop a proforma and analyze the project feasibility.


Fullmer will develop a working schedule including the preparation of plans, the permit process and construction time line for Owner approval.

Development Meetings

Fullmer principals, project managers and estimators will meet with Owner to assist the design team with value engineering input. We will solicit and select the design build subcontractors for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and landscaping.

Plan Review

Fullmer will take partially complete plans and continue to review and improve on those to accommodate architects, engineers, subcontractors and owner’s requests.


Fullmer will prepare and provide a contract that provides all subcontractor bids and the general contractor Guaranteed Maximum Price for the project.

Construction Services

Building Development

Fullmer will perform the construction of the building by abiding with the plans and specifications, contract and scheduling. A full-time project manager and superintendent will manage the project’s progress.


Fullmer will pull all necessary city and state permits and be certain that there is strict conformance to all regulatory agencies.


Fullmer is able to continuously produce quality work through close management of all subcontractors’ production and contracts. 

Project Management

Each project benefits from its own administrator, estimator, superintendant, project manager and principal involvement. The project manager is able to be a liaison between the client and the field assuring that the client’s needs are met.

Payment Programs

Fullmer prepares pay request summaries and payment documentation as well as accepting a variety of different payment programs.


One of Fullmer’s primary values is making certain that job sites are environmentally safe and safe for employees. Fullmer’s low EMR allows the company to offer one of the lowest work comp rates. More Safety Info

Project Completion Documentation

Upon completion of the project Fullmer prepares a punch list of items that still need to be completed or need to be corrected, then proceeds to correct any of these problems. Fullmer then prepares a close-out package complete with all warranties, guarantees and manuals for the owner. 


When it comes to construction, Fullmer understands that the design process is just as important as the development process. Fullmer is here to be your partner from the beginning of our value-added Preconstruction Services, all the way through the completion of construction and its documentation. Click the link below to learn more about our comprehensive design-build process..