Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements

From 2005 to 2015 Fullmer completed over 400 tenant improvements and has garnered a strong affinity towards tenant improvement projects. Fullmer finds problem buildings exciting as they provide the company with the opportunity to find solutions that are functional and cost effective for the owner. Fullmer was recognized as one of the top tenant improvement contractors by the Inland Empire Business Journal in 2011.

Tenant Improvements Featured Project

Fullmer Construction completed tenant improvements to the new corporate headquarters of motorsports products powerhouse Kawasaki Motors. Located in Foothill Ranch, CA, the facility underwent a full scale building rehab, transforming from the outdated former offices of Wet Seal (originally built by Fullmer in 1997) into an impressive and modernized new space.

It was important to Kawasaki that their new headquarters be an environment which could uniquely exemplify their exhilarating brand and culture. Fullmer was chosen as general contractor because Kawasaki was confident in our abilities to not only handle the numerous complexities that accompanied this project, but also to meet the tight project timeline. The project schedule was a rapid three months, as Kawasaki had to be out of their old building and into their new headquarters by a firm, specific date, and Fullmer was able to meet that goal.

The 213,216 square foot facility now features a mix of corporate offices, a new Dyno building providing enhanced research and development space, tech training shops and classrooms, a large warehouse and ample parking. A stunning lobby complete with hanging motorcycle and unique artwork opens into an impressive main floor that includes a full product showroom, museum display, fitness center, yoga studio and spacious employee cafeteria. Offices occupy much of the second floor, which was heavily modified from the previous setup to allow for a more open feel with enhanced natural light. Upscale finishes and accents span throughout the building, with the trademark Kawasaki bright fluorescent lime green color uniquely accompanying the primary concrete and wood décor.

The exterior is anchored by a fully redeveloped corner entrance, wrapped in glass and lit by the Kawasaki logo and accompanying fluorescent green lighting at night. The project went on to win a Spire Award from CREW Orange County for the 2016 Superior Tenant Improvement Project.

Tenant Improvements Sample Projects

Fullmer completed a unique state-of-the-art tenant improvement to the 6,290 square foot offices of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, CA. A Cedars-Sinai affiliate, Kerlan-Jobe boasts a long history as one of the pioneers of sports medicine in Southern California. Their Los Angeles office is located just off the 405 freeway near LAX, and directly serves the Los Angeles Rams football team; the firm also serves as either team physician or consultants to virtually all of Southern California’s professional teams, including the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Ducks and Sparks.

The building in which the office space is located was originally constructed back in 1997. Fullmer was honored to be chosen as the general contractor for such a prominent member of the Southern California medical and sports communities. The scope of work consisted of remodeling their entire 2nd floor office space, including new finishes, many high-end upgrades and millwork. The space opens with a check-in area complete with education kiosks and a couch backed with a unique LED-lit barrier. Further back is a nurse’s station and three exam rooms complete with the latest technology. Proceeding down the main hallway, you’ll encounter a biofeedback and neurofeedback room with adjacent control room, lounge area, IT room, private office and psychologist’s patient office, electro diagnostic laboratory, three additional exam rooms and a large conference room.

At the other corner of the check-in area is the entrance to perhaps the most impressive area of the project, the sports assessment and rehabilitation space. This area provides the space for athletes and other patients to perform a plethora of rehabilitative activities. Four flat screen televisions, field turf, a treadmill and exercise bike are just a few of the amenities installed. The most unique part is the “smart glass” installed along much of the room, which separates the rehab space from the check-in area and can be manipulated by the flick of a switch to instantly become completely frosted, unable to be looked through, and then go back to clear. Also located within this space is the therapist’s office, as well as the corner office of Dr. Vernon Williams, the founding director of the Sports Neurology Fellowship at Kerlan-Jobe and consulting Team Physician to the local sports teams highlighted above.

High-end patterned tiling adorns much of the flooring throughout, and bright green accents along with ample glass and motion-activated LED lighting completes the space. Fullmer is proud that even though this was a very involved project, the completion deadline was still able to be met. We believe Kerlan-Jobe will be extremely happy with their new Los Angeles headquarters.

Fullmer Construction completed a three-story tenant improvement for residential mortgage titan PennyMac. Located in the Westlake Park Place business park just off the 101 freeway in Westlake Village, the 60,000 square foot corporate headquarters offers countless state-of-the-art features for its tenant.

Bursting with elegant features and high-end upgrades, the interior opens with an inviting lobby, protected 24/7 by manned security and keycard-enabled glass entry gates. Upon access, a sitting area backed with a striking Central African “zebra wood” décor wall stretches from the white Carrera marble on the first floor all the way to the zebra wood on the underside of the top floor ceiling; this 15’ wide sculpted wall features indirect light channels which bring it to life throughout the day and evening. An intricate “floating staircase” leads to the second and third floors, with the zebra wood accenting the bottom, and marble adorning the steps.

Additional features include 47 private offices, vast open work areas, full employee break areas on each floor complete with high-end appliances, and 23 small conference rooms. Many of these smaller conference rooms are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, include a large flat screen TV for presentations, as well as a “floating wall” which caps off an impressive display. Intricate LED lighting encapsulates the entire building, with motion sensors shutting off after 15 minutes of inactivity. A large employee cafe complete with made-to-order entrees and full salad bar, ample seating and numerous TVs finishes off the first floor.

The second floor features an innovative multipurpose room used for conferences, meetings and lectures. It offers dropdown overhead projectors, mics and speakers; a soundproof dividing wall enables the room to break into three smaller rooms for compound usage.

The third floor only becomes more impressive. The executive level houses two private executive offices, as well as a private executive lounge and striking boardroom. Outside the President’s corner office is a private reception area next to a luxurious sitting area complete with flat screen TV. The office itself is accented with zebra wood, completed with hardwood floors and surrounding floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and is connected to its own private conference room, as well as a private bathroom. The boardroom holds a large conference table capable of seating 22, two 65” TVs, and private balcony overlooking the lush green landscape of Westlake Village.

Fullmer is proud that although this was an extremely involved project, the completion deadline was still able to be met. PennyMac moved in June 2016 during construction, and Fullmer displayed the ability to adapt by finishing construction around them. We believe they will be extremely happy with their new corporate headquarters.

Fullmer Construction completed a 7,214 square foot building expansion at the Steris Isomedix facility in Ontario, CA. It is one of Fullmer’s most complex and unique projects to date.

The project consisted of constructing a concrete containment bunker, which was added on to the existing facility and contains a state-of-the-art electron beam system for use in product sterilization, primarily for products in the medical field. Thick concrete walls allow radiation to dissolve within the bunker, or be disbanded by the time it passes through the intricate venting system.

The bunker was created to house Steris’ new product conveyor system, which inside is mounted on a newly constructed mezzanine that brings the untreated product into the “Treatment Level.” This is where pre-packaged products are treated from above and below through ports where an electron beam is discharged through two identical “Accelerator” guns; these two $1 million-plus machines are located on the first and third level, with the product passing through on the second. The treated product then continues through the conveyor passageway, where it is sorted, wrapped, and ready for shipment. Also included within the bunker are a dosimetry room and two control rooms for monitoring all conveyors, elevators and moving parts.

Project Details:
• Three-level poured-in-place concrete radiation containment bunker: 46’W x 90’L
• 3,200 cubic yards of 4,000 PSI concrete totaling 12.8 million lbs.
• 252 tons of rebar
• Concrete walls range in thickness from 2’ to 10’
• Second and third level concrete decks with 3’ thickness
• Two $1 million-plus electron beam accelerator guns

Fullmer Construction completed an impressive tenant improvement to the 197,100 square foot 5080 Hallmark Parkway in San Bernardino, CA. Located in the industrial district just off the 215 and near the 15 and 210 freeways, the building was originally built by Fullmer in 1983.

With the most recent major renovation taking place back in 1985, the building held up well but was in dire need of improvements. The project focused on the front entrance and interior office space. Both were completely gutted, and are now entirely transformed. The 3,536 square foot office space features three private offices, reception office, two large open bullpen work areas to accommodate partition furniture, coffee room, and individual men’s and women’s restrooms. Noteworthy updates completed during the project include installing new smoke vents and fixed skylights, new dock doors, new carpet and flooring throughout, upgraded wood doors and aluminum frames, re-roofing 50% of the roof and adding new scrim foil insulation below the roof deck, as well as installing an up-to-date security video and alarm system. 964 square feet of warehouse restrooms were completely rehabilitated, including new sinks, toilets and toilet partitions, and motion activated lighting now exists in all rooms, which boast a very updated feel.

The front entrance is the highlight of the project. Almost unrecognizable now in comparison to the previous façade, the facelift includes a complete color scheme change. Fresh paint and an updated corrugated metal wrapping complete the corner entry, along with new energy efficient storefront glass, upgraded sconce lighting on new façade columns, and a freshly paved parking lot surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

Fullmer Construction completed a 12,353 square foot tenant improvement for Sugar Foods. The project serves as the new corporate office for the multinational food brands giant. Located in beautiful Building C of the Westlake Park Place corporate office building complex in Westlake Village, the new state-of-the-art office space offers an exciting new business experience for its tenant.

Built explicitly for Sugar Foods on the first floor, the project offers a very open and modern feel. Diamond ground and polished black stained concrete floors greet the entry, extending throughout the office. This unique flooring gives the appearance of being granite, is impervious to any damage, and needs only a quick dust or occasional mopping to return to its original brilliance. Bright, high gloss green metal ceilings complement the floor, curving through the entire suite at lower elevation than the rest of the drywall, T-bar and open ceilings. The various ceiling height changes, along with the drywall, T-bar, metal, open ceilings, and green metal ceilings tying it all together create a unique experience as you walk through the office.

Additional features include a large conference room, 14 private offices including a large president’s office with adjoining reception area, numerous open work spaces, and an elaborate kitchen complete with full appliance amenities. Employees now enjoy a large café & break room complete with multiple flat screen televisions, as well as a private lounge area.

Sugar Foods moved in at the end of 2015, and is already quite pleased with their new corporate office.

Mid-year 2015, Fullmer completed a small tenant improvement to the DCT Rialto Logistics Center, the building completed in early 2015 standing just shy of 1 million square feet. The 4,468 square foot office included two private offices, two bathrooms, direct access to the warehouse, and a large open space to accommodate 15-20 warehouse staff. This project was completed on time and within budget.

In December 2015, Fullmer completed the 9,019 square foot Phase II expansion of the original speculative tenant improvement for new tenant Distribution Alternatives. The wall adjoining the office to the entry to the warehouse was relocated, greatly expanding the space. Now included are 4 private offices and a large conference room, employee break room, a large work room with access to the warehouse, data room and janitor’s room. Motion lighting is incorporated throughout, and a storage room and warehouse restrooms were added on the warehouse side of the wall. Warehouse enhancements also include battery charging stations, dock lighting and dock seals, upgraded warehouse lighting and emergency egress lighting.

In addition, a large buildout was added at the center of the west wall of the warehouse. Incorporated in this improvement is a large employee lunch room that involved knocking out 4 of the original dock doors and replacing with glass for natural light. Large men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as a shipping and receiving office were also added.

Finally, two office buildouts were added to the center of the vast warehouse. The larger buildout contains two large production offices on both sides, with two smaller divided offices in the middle. The smaller buildout offers a shipping and receiving office, as well as a unisex restroom.

Fullmer is proud of the upgrade this expanded tenant improvement brings to the sprawling DCT Rialto Logistics Center. Not only does it highlight Fullmer’s ability to transform a project, it also offers Distribution Alternatives the added space it needs to efficiently run their distribution, and furthers the capabilities of this new gem in the Inland Empire commercial real estate market.

Fullmer completed this state-of-the-art tenant improvement for the South County Kidney and Endocrine Center in Laguna Hills, CA. Conveniently located just off the 5 freeway, the 8,623 square foot medical office offers a very modern and clean feel. A spacious reception and waiting area welcomes patients, which includes granite countertops, stone walls and beautiful wood flooring. Other features include a phlebotomy room, dental room, numerous patient exam rooms, nurse’s station, executive doctor’s office with a restroom complete with a shower, and even a small café.

The space is well-lit throughout, with energy-saving motion-activated lighting installed in each room, as well as plenty of windows to let the natural light in along with the lush green landscape that surrounds much of the building. Both tile and wood flooring stretches through the office, adding to the aesthetic appeal and clean feel. An intricate security system is also included, with numerous cameras installed throughout.

Fullmer is proud of this project; we hope it will be a great new home for SCKE, and provide a pleasant experience for their patients.

Fullmer completed an office and partial warehouse improvement for new tenant National Stores, Inc. Located just off the 215 freeway in the ever-expanding industrial sector of Perris, the added office space further enhances the 580,000 square foot SRG Perris Logistics Center, completed by Fullmer in 2014.

The 9,600 square foot tenant improvement includes a large security room which serves as the employee entrance, corner conference room with floor to ceiling windows, and spacious employee break room. The sizeable office area offers three private offices, a coffee bar, office restrooms, motion-activated LED lighting with dimming controls throughout, and a large IT office with attached server room. The IT office will be manned 24/7 as it supports NSI’s 300 stores, and the server room features an FM200 fire suppression system that will release a gas to stop a fire before releasing the sprinklers, saving the equipment in the process.

Upgrades to the warehouse include LED lighting with occupancy sensors, egress lighting accommodating rack layout, dock equipment packages consisting of 30k mechanical dock levelers, edge of dock levelers, dock seals, and dock fan/light accessories.

Finally, site improvements include two new guard shacks complete with restrooms and HVAC, as well as modified site paving to include new slab, curb, and ADA compliant walkways. Fullmer also provided a new store front entry by saw cutting into the existing concrete panel to provide an upgraded and primary secure entrance.

Fullmer Construction completed an office tenant improvement for Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Company, an auditing and accounting firm in Rancho Cucamonga. Located near the prime downtown intersection of Haven Avenue and Foothill Blvd., the remodel consisted of renovations and improvements to the entire third floor of the Rancho Cucamonga City Center building. The 18,352 square feet of office space includes immense desk space for the auditing teams, numerous personal offices and plenty of cubicle areas, as well as a fully functioning, separate IT room which comes complete with the latest hardware. Added amenities include Title 24 lighting, upgraded Italian tile in the entry way, as well as a spacious break and lunch room complete with a 60” flat screen television. The office is finished off by a beautiful modern lobby and reception desk, as well as a conference room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, 80” flat screen television, and windows that overlook beautiful downtown Rancho Cucamonga.

Fullmer is proud of this project, the latest addition to our tenant improvement portfolio. VTD has moved in, and we are confident that they will be very content and comfortable in their new offices.

Fullmer Construction completed an 81,444 square foot tenant improvement for Dole Packaged Foods. Located in Building C of the Westlake Park Place corporate office building complex in Westlake Village, this building offers many state-of-the-art features for its tenant. Some of these offerings include 4 large conference rooms, 8 small conference rooms, 3 test kitchens, 2 food labs, a prop room, production room, as well as a classroom-style training room and large auditorium, complete with a custom pineapple-printed tile ceiling.  Each conference room and the auditorium are complete with multiple large touch-screen TV’s, as well as electronic shades to let the daylight in or out at the push of a button.

Additionally, there is a UPS 1-hour battery backup system that supports Dole’s worldwide IT operations in the event of a power failure, as well as a 300 kW backup generator. The FM200 fire suppression system would enable gas to put out a fire before using sprinklers, thus saving Dole’s equipment from any water damage. Finally, intricate security measures were intertwined into the operations system, including cameras, controlled access doors with keycard entry, and secured parking complete with gates and badge entrance – the only secured parking of its kind in the park.

Fullmer is proud that even though this was a very involved project, the completion deadline was still able to be met. Dole moved in at the beginning of February, and we believe they will be extremely happy with their new corporate headquarters.

Fullmer completed numerous improvements to the New Flyer warehouse in Ontario, CA. The leading manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the U.S. and Canada, New Flyer’s Southern California bus service facility provides the final build and inspection stages for their buses built for Metro.

Facility enhancements include 3,200 square feet of upgraded office space, the widening of two grade level doors to enable bus access into the warehouse, new air compressor pad with required machinery, and five new dock levelers.

A new state-of-the-art water test station serves as the highlight of the project. 40' in length, buses are enclosed and soaked for 25 minutes to test for any leaks. Other notable upgrades include exhaust hoses throughout the warehouse, safety rails above the service areas to prevent falls for workers working above the buses, as well as carbon monoxide detectors that engage the exhaust hoses if levels get too high, and alert the building manager if levels remain high for one hour.

Fullmer enjoyed building a relationship with New Flyer through this project, where we were able to transform their building into one of the more state-of-the-art facilities in their industry.

Fullmer completed a full tenant improvement for Jogue, Inc. at their West Coast Division headquarters in Ontario, restoring the existing building constructed in 2000 from an aging facility into a state-of-the-art food storage and testing hub.

The upgraded office space boasts tile flooring throughout, keycard-enabled points of access, a downstairs break room and conference room, as well as a winding glass staircase leading to the mezzanine level where there is a full kitchen and three executive offices, the largest one complete with a personal restroom.

Additional building enhancements include a full warehouse, dry and refrigerated storage areas used for food flavoring, a complete lab for preparation and testing of food flavoring, as well as a new exterior entry canopy.

Fullmer Construction completed tenant improvements to Alere’s Glen Helen warehouse in San Bernardino for new tenant, HauteLook. The warehouse is a model for a new kind of “fulfillment distribution warehousing” which distributes individual orders for individual items.

The 625,000 square foot warehouse is very specialized, and includes fully insulated roof and walls, an air-conditioned warehouse, 8,000 amp electric power distribution system, and a server room with FM 200 fire suppression system. The building also features 41,000 square feet of office space including a photo studio, administration area, lunch and break rooms and exterior covered patio. 

Fullmer Construction completed extensive tenant improvements to 370 Turnbull Canyon Road in City of Industry. The building now boasts a brand new state-of-the-art entrance, new skylights, added office window space, complete office remodel, upgraded warehouse and new perimeter security fencing. Repairs to the building were extensive including removal and replacement of built up roofing, ADA upgrades to restrooms, stairs, entry ramps and handrails, repairs to exterior and interior walls and scrub and polish of the existing warehouse floor. The project completed its 5 year inspection and repair of fire protection system and now houses its new tenant.

Fullmer completed tenant improvements to a four-story 50,000 square foot educational facility for West Coast University in Ontario, just off the 10 freeway. Beginning with a colorful and inviting lobby adjacent to comfortable study and sitting areas, the building is completed with fully functional medical classrooms and computer laboratories. The development was completed while other tenants remained in the building, proving Fullmer's capacity to work under difficult constraints and time requirements.

Fullmer was honored to be selected as the contractor to build an 11,000 square foot concrete tilt-up building to serve as the new state-of-the-art CHP Headquarters in Sacramento. The building was nominated by Sacramento's Biz Journals for an architecture award in 2011. Fullmer also completed 287,544 square feet of tenant improvements to three existing buildings, including the development of a steel structure complete with a Blackhawk emergency helipad. The new headquarters, which is Silver LEED certified throughout, enabled CHP to consolidate all departments throughout the Sacramento area into this main location.

Fullmer completed 18,000 square feet of tenant improvements for LSA Associates in Riverside, transforming the building into a modern office space. Complete with wood accents and a common color scheme, the office is now a comfortable home for the staff of LSA.

Fullmer and Robertson's Ready Mix have always had a strong relationship and Fullmer was honored to get to improve their home office. Creating a more modern feel for the office, Fullmer was pleased to transform the building into a great office facility for Robertson's.

Dastmalchi was an exciting tenant improvement project for Fullmer, as it challenged Fullmer to work alongside the architect and designers to create a completely out of the box office design. The office features the best of what modern offices have to offer with unique floor plans, layout and structure.