Grove Business Center Completed in Ontario, CA

Fullmer has completed construction on the Grove Business Center in Ontario, CA. Primly located between the 10 and 60 freeways, the facility is in an excellent location for its new tenant. Features include extensive decorative tile work on the exterior, large glass panels on the corner office entrance, as well as a full 3-door truck dock not typical of a building this size.

Power and water efficiency are also highlights for the building. The automatic landscape controls operate via a weather condition sensor and satellite on a subscription basis, and all lighting is controlled by an automated Blue Box panel which can be tailored to the occupant’s specific power usage needs.

Beautiful new landscaping along both street sides of the building greatly improve the corner of Grove & Belmont, and add to the facility’s appeal. Fullmer is extremely proud of this project, a great new addition to the business sector of Ontario.