Hallmark Parkway Tenant Improvement Completed in San Bernardino, CA

Fullmer Construction recently completed an impressive tenant improvement to the 197,100 square foot 5080 Hallmark Parkway in San Bernardino, CA. Located in the industrial district just off the 215 and near the 15 and 210 freeways, the building was originally built by Fullmer in 1983.

With the most recent major renovation taking place back in 1985, the building held up well but was in dire need of improvements. The project focused on the front entrance and interior office space. Both were completely gutted, and are now entirely transformed. The office space features three private offices, reception office, two large open bullpen work areas to accommodate partition furniture, coffee room, and individual men’s and women’s restrooms. Noteworthy updates completed during the project include installing new smoke vents and fixed skylights, new dock doors, new carpet and flooring throughout, upgraded wood doors and aluminum frames, re-roofing 50% of the roof and adding new scrim foil insulation below the roof deck,  as well as installing an up-to-date security video and alarm system. The warehouse restrooms were completely rehabilitated, including new sinks, toilets and toilet partitions, and motion activated lighting now exists in all rooms, which boast a very updated feel.

The front entrance is the highlight of the project. Almost unrecognizable now in comparison to the previous façade, the facelift includes a complete color scheme change. Fresh paint and an updated corrugated metal wrapping complete the corner entry, along with new energy efficient storefront glass, upgraded sconce lighting on new façade columns, and a freshly paved parking lot surrounded by beautiful landscaping.