Steven Nelson

Operations Director – Global Tools & StorageStanley Black & Decker 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Fullmer Construction for the unparalleled support provided during the construction phase of our 970k sq-ft distribution facility in Fontana. We went from “dirt to delivery” on this project in less than nine months which is amazing! The entire Fullmer team assigned to the Jurupa Ave site was outstanding. I’d like to specifically thank Mike Ogaz, Dylan Olds and Casey Jones for their professionalism, expertise and teamwork. The transparency, communication, trust and speed we experienced on a daily basis between Fullmer, DCT and StanleyBlack &Decker was what made this project such a huge success. 

Fullmer was able to accommodate dozens and dozens of last minute change requests to make the facility meet our specific needs. The level of detail Fullmer maintains and the ability to keep costs in control were valued greatly. In addition, Fullmer flawlessly led the activities of so many other sub-teams including Val Electric, city inspectors, vendor visits and much more.

In my career I’ve worked, along with our SBD corporate real-estate team to stand up facilities across the USA and in Asia. Fullmer is by far the best construction firm I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. You have set a standard that will be very hard to beat and I sure hope to get the opportunity to work with your team again in the future.

Steven Nelson Testimonial.pdf